Main Faculty

André Thomas

Lead & Founder of LIVE Lab
, Department of Visualization

The LIVE Lab is led by André Thomas from the department of Visualization. André has more than 20 years of experience in computer-generated imagery and computer games. From 2007 until just recently, he led a multidisciplinary team of software engineers, graphic artists, and project managers at Electronic Arts (EA). In particular, Thomas led the graphics development, planning, and implementation of EA’s football lineup, including the industry leading Madden video game and the rest of EA’s football lineup: NCAA Football, Head Coach, NFL Tour and NFL Arcade.

Office: Langford C 109



Anatol Bologan, Lecturer, Dept of Visualization
Steve Carruthers, 
Lecturer, College of Liberal Arts, English Language Institute
Filipe Viera de Castro
, Professor, Nautical Archaeology Program
Paulo Lima-Filho, Associate Head for Operations, Dept of Mathematics
Carol Lafayette, Associate Professor, Dept of Visualization
Tim McLaughlin, Department Head, Dept of Visualization
Susan Pedersen, Associate Professor, Educational Psychology
Scott Schaefer, Associate Professor, Dept of Computer Science & Engineering
Hadeel Ramadan, Lecturer, Dept of Visualization
Livia Stoenescu, Lecturer, Dept of Visualization

Partners are institutions, organizations, or companies that have a significant stake in the lab and are actively working with us on shaping the lab and the projects we undertake.
Institute of Applied Creativity
Unity Technologies
Side Effects Software

Current Students
Laura Adams, Undergraduate, Department of CSCE
Joshua Aoki,  Graduate MS, Dept of Visualization
Michael Bruner,  Undergraduate, Dept of Visualization
Tara French, Graduate BS, Dept of Visualization
Chelsey Gobeli, Gradute MS, Dept of Visualization
Myriah Higgins, Undergraduate, Dept of Visualization
Daniel House, Graduate MS, Dept of Visualization
Anne Lynch,  Graduate MS, Dept of Visualization
Kyle Purser, Undergraduate, Dept of CSCE
Kelly Robert, Graduate MS, Dept of Visualization
Spencer Rawls, Undergraduate, Dept of CSCE
Shaeeta Sharar, Undergraduate, Dept of CSCE
Taylor Mullins, Undergraduate, Dept of Visualization
Madison Kramer, Graduate MS, Dept of Visualization
Ally Samaniego, Undergraduate, Dept of Visualization
Randi Reynolds, Undergraduate, Dept of Visualization
Balee Leggett, Undergraduate, Dept of Visualization
Amelia Herman, Undergraduate, Dept of Visualization
Cammie Brown, Undergraduate, Dept of Visualization
Willer Da Silva, Undergraduate, Dept of CSCE
Ryan Chomistek, Undergraduate, Dept of CSCE
Justin Steptoe, Undergraduate, Dept of University Studies
Nicolas Smith,  Undergraduate, Dept of Visualization
Meena Subramanian, Undergraduate, Dept of Visualization





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