We are emphasizing a team, project and problem based teaching approach in which we challenge the students with real world problems. The students create solutions to these problems in teams. Our goal is to help the students not only master the technical and artistic skills needed to succeed, but also strengthen and develop their soft skills, such as critical thinking, giving and receiving critique, presenting, and leadership.

Courses taught at the lab:

- VIST 206 Visual Studies Studio I
- VIST 305 Visual Studies Studio II
- VIST 372 Creating Digital Environments
- VIST 486 Introduction to Game Design
- VIST 487 Introduction to Game Development
- VIST 405 Visual Studies Studio III

Student work:

VIST 372: Creating Digital Environments
As part of the Spring 2016 Digital Environments course, students created a wide array of CG environments similar to those found in films, video games, and architectural renderings.


VIST 206 & 305: Visual Studies Studio II & III
In this vertical game design studio, students worked in teams over the Spring 2016 semester to create high quality game demos. 

Velox is a 3D multiplayer shooter in which a player's damage power is determined by how quickly they are moving.


Sabodash is a 2D two player competitive platformer in which players must balance their time between racing to the end and sabotaging each other.