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About the LIVE Lab

All across the globe efforts are underway to incorporate game technology and methodologies into the classroom experience and within educational research. To help answer this charge the Learning Interactive Visualization Experience Lab was created as part of the Department of Visualization.

It is the LIVE Lab's mission to collaborate with other departments, colleges, and universities to create an environment that fosters the researches and development of educational experiences for the use in the classroom from K – 12, Higher education, Corporate, Government, and NGO’s.

Through our expertise, research and rigorous scientific process we are able to create groundbreaking world class interactive educational experiences that engage students, help teachers, and are developed in collaboration with industry and experts in their respective fields.



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LIVE Lab Projects




Contact info 

André Thomas

Director & Founder for LIVE Lab
Assistant Professor of Practice, 
Department of Visualization

Office: Langford C 109

Hadeel Ramadan

LIVE Lab Associate Director
Department of Visualization

Office: Langford C 109