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Texas A&M University College of Architecture



What is the LIVE Lab?
LIVE Lab stands for Learning Interactive Visualization Experience Lab. We are a research lab that is part of the Visualization department that brings together faculty from different disciplines, students and industry to develop scalable interactive educational experiences for use in the classroom. Through our expertise, research and rigorous scientific process are we able to create groundbreaking world class interactive educational experiences that engage students, and help teachers.

Where is the LIVE Lab Located?
The LIVE Lab dedicated lab space can be found on the lower floor of Langford Building C, room 108. You can also find us online on FacebookLinkedIn, and Vimeo.

Who can use the LIVE Lab?
Students who are enrolled in classes involving the lab and/or are a part of research projects with LIVE have full access to the lab. If you are interested in becoming part of either research or taking classes please contact one of our representatives.

What types of research are done in the LIVE Lab?
The LIVE lab focuses on research and projects that enhance the learning experience for students from K – 12, Higher Education to Corporate, Government and NGO’s.

How can I become a part of the LIVE Lab?
To collaborate with the LIVE Lab just contact André Thomas at or Hadeel Ramadan at