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ARTe: Mecenas™ Educational Trailer from Triseum on Vimeo.


In a typical art history survey course at Texas A&M University, a single lecturer may face 150 undergraduate students in a large auditorium. In this context, the instructor is challenged to develop their appreciation and understanding of not only the art but also the context in which the works were created. In addition to using textbooks and associated online resources, students can benefit from a learning game that is complementary to the class lecture by developing an appreciation of the artworks and context through deep, formative game-based learning experiences that is long-lasting.

The ARTé game project strives to cover the major points in history in regards to Art History. We started with a Medici level, which covers the early Renaissance period in Florence.  This is a single player simulation game in which the player must make decisions about balancing resources and responding to opportunities. The player engages in a banking simulation as an unnamed member of the Medici family who must balance the building of wealth through the buying of selling of goods, maintaining a reputation with the people of Florence, and growing esteem with the clergy.  Through several mini-games, players will achieve specific learning objectives as they are playing the Medici level.

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